About I

Who I?

Kichwas (pronounced que – chwa) is I online ‘gaming’ handle.

I Rastafarian, artist, MMO-gamer. Web Developer / Graphic Artist.

Rastafari is a religion and a way of being. We are Christian in that we follow Christ, but we are not in that we reject western churches and their deception. Our teachings come out of the Bible before it was edited down. The Holy Land is in Ethiopia for us, not Israel. Selassie I and Marcus Garvey inform the teachings, and many even see Bob Marley as a prophet.

As an artist I have been inactive for many years, and my old works reflect a different person than I am now.

I am also a sometime writer, and an active student of politricks. Rastafari rejects politricks, but from an informed eyes open point of view. Chant it down rather than bury your head in the sand.


This is I gaming blog, about MMO gaming. With a current focus on Guild Wars 2.

This is not where I am likely to write on other subjects. But on the ‘About’ page I assumed you wished to know a little more, so there you have it.


Live it ital as a vegetarian, no drinking, no drugs.

Read the Bible as it was written, not as it was translated, include the Kebra Negast and the Maccabees.


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